My name is Bénédicte and I am a french student.

I am currently studying a Bachelor Degree in International Management at Euromed Management Business School, Marseilles.

After a first 3 months internship experience in United Kingdom as an HR assistant, I realized another internship based in France in a luxury hotel family company as a business developer assistant for 6 months. I moved then for 1 year in Amsterdam, Netherlands as an Erasmus student and learned basics on ERP SAP system. Before coming to Thailand, I had the opportunity to study one more time abroad in Bodo, Norway just above the circle polar for 4 months!

So finally, here I am in Bangkok, Thailand! I am currently doing a 6 months internship as a business developer assistant.

After having travelling around Europe, I wanted to experience something new and different. That’s why I decided to move to South East Asia and I have to say that so far I am loving Thailand! Why so? Because of the impressive landscapes, the delicious food, the amazing culture and the welcoming people, as simple as it is!

I hope this blog will help you to know more about Thailand and Bangkok.

If you any questions, please feel free to ask.



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  1. Great blog Bene, I`m sure you are having a great experience there! keep it going, I`m really proud of my best friend!

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