Taling Chan Floating Market: A big disappointment

In my search for the Bangkok’s best  floating market, I have been trying the Taling Chan one. Located in Thonburi, Bangkok it is recommended in any touristic guides and on internet but I have to be honest… it has been a big disappointment for me. Let me explain you why.
taling chan floating market bangkok

Taling Chan floating market

As living here in Bangkok for several months, I love to discover Thai places and try to avoid tourists spots. Thus, when I was looking for a floating market to visit, I heard about a local floating market: Taling Chan.

Combined with the genuine atmosphere of the riverside plantation that remain intact, more and more visitors are drawn to the market (…)

Bangkok BTS website

(…) there is Taling Chan floating market, with just enough boats to be called a floating market and the right amount of people to still be enjoyable.

Bangkok.com Magazine

taling chan floating market bangkok

Boat vendor

When you read that plus all the other comments on Tripadvisor, it seems to be a pretty cool place to visit. Only opened on weekends from 7am to 4pm, I heard that it was getting crowded quite early and so you should visit it before 10am. With a difficult wake-up, we arrived at Taling Chan around 10am. It wasn’t crowded at all! Just the right amount of people to make you feel in a market!

taling chan floating market bangkok

Street market before the floating market

Going out of the bus (line 79 that you can take in front of Central World), turn left and go into the market street; you’ll find there many food vendors selling typical Thai food. At the end of that street, you’ll arrive on a riverbank. There, you’ll be able to see several wooden boats (only 6 at the time we went), all of them cooking: huge prawns, papaya salad, fishes etc at a very good prices and…

that’s it!

Some music was as well played adding some local charm but all together, visiting Thaling Chan won’t take you more than 15 minutes – maximum! Walking slooooowly!

taling chan floating market bangkok

Boat seller: all you need for a good somtum (papaya salad)

It is a nice place but if you are just there to have a look like we did, don’t expect too much. What I recommand you though is to take a boat tour that will add some value to your visit or even better, eat there – sitting on the small tables!

taling chan floating market bangkok

Dining tables

As well, while you are on the other side on the river, take the time to visit the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market. I definitely prefered that one. It was more busy but again not filled with tourists. I had a better experience because it was bigger and probably as well because I took a boat tour and had lunch there. It will cost you less than 100 Bahts to get there from Taling Chan floating market.

taling chan floating market bangkok

Boat tours

Boat Tours

Boat tours are available from 50 Bahts per person and 1000 Bahts for a boat (6 people).

Opening Hours

The Taling Chan is opened only on weekends from 7am to 4pm.

How to get there?

  • By BTS: Go to Wongwian Yai BTS Station and from there take a taxi (around 150 Bahts).
  • By bus: In front of Central World, take the air-conditionned bus 79 (17 Bahts) and stop right in front of the market (just ask the fare collector for the right stop)

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