The 5 Best Skybars in Bangkok

In the Bangkok urban jungle of skycrapers, it might be difficult to know which skybar worths a visit or not! Here are my 5 Favorite Best Skybars in Bangkok!

5. Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel (Sathorn)

Always featured in the tourist guides, the Moon Bar was one of the first rooftop places in town. Located on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel on Sathorn road, it offers a stunning 360 degrees view. As a result, you will have to pay the price! Indeed, the Moon Bar being well located and famous among tourists is quite expensive compare to the other skybars. Expect to pay 250 Bahts++ for a local beer (Singha, Chang, Asahi, Tiger and Heineken (no it is not a mistake! Heineken is considered as a local beer as it has a brewery in South East Asia!)), 300 ++ for an imported one, 150 Bahts ++ for a soda, 350 Bahts ++ for a cocktail and if I remember well, 250 Bahts ++ for the cheapest glass of wine. “++” means that you’ll have to add-up on your bill 7% for service charges and 10% for tax fees. I told you, it is expensive!

If you are hungry, you can as well have dinner at the Vertigo Restaurant, located on the same floor but make sure to book a table before. From what I’ve heard unfortunately, it is really expensive (2 000 – 3 000++ Bahts for one meal) and the food is not so great.

Finally to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy my experience at the Moon Bar because first of the prices and second of the clientele. Indeed, only tourists people can afford to come here and thus the bar ambiance is not so nice as people only stay maximum 30 minutes in general and come here mainly for taking pictures. Therefore, the view is amazing, that’s why I still recommand it.

Moon Bar and Vertigo Restaurant at Banyan Tree Hotel
21 Sathorn Road (MRT Lumphini)
+66 (0)2 679 1200
Open daily from 5pm to 1 am

4. Octave at the Marriot Hotel (Sukhumvit – Thong Lo):

Located on the 45th floor of the Marriot Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 57, Octave is a three levels venue, each one with a different atmosphere. The first level features a long balcony in a lounge style perfect for dinner. Head up to the second level and you’ll find there a balcony bar with a nice view on the South of Bangkok where snacks are available as well. Finally, the third level offers the most stunning view thanks to its 360 degrees view. A circular bar offers cocktails starting at 320 Bahts and local beers at 170 Bahts.

Located in not a such touristic district, mainly expats and clients of the hotel go to this place which makes it not so crowded. It is a really a nice experience both for dining and having a drink that I definitely recommand you, especially if you are staying nearby.

Octave at Marriot Hotel
Sukhumvit Soi 57 (BTS Thong Lo)
+66 (0)2 797 0000
 Open daily from 5pm to 1 am

3. Cloud 47 (Silom):

Cloud 47 is the new kid in town! Located on the 47th floor of the United Center Building in Silom Road, it offers impressive views of the city and the Chao Phraya. In an all-white theme accented by colouful LED-lighting, it is a perfect place for a drink and dinner on the top of Bangkok. Drinks prices are reasonable: cocktails start at 240 Bahts and imported beers (so more expensive) at 180 Bahts (I can’t remember the price of local beers!) and it is the same for the delicious mix of International and Thai food menu. Please try their lasagna! It is awesome! A bit too little though but it’s always the same when it’s good!

I really liked this place because it offers you a real thai experience. Indeed, when we went there we were the only foreigners and live music was played: a really nice place to try as soon as possible!

Cloud 47
47 Silom Road (BTS Sala Daeng)
+66 (0)91 889 9600
 Open daily from 6.30pm to midnight

2. Above Eleven (Sukhumvit – Nana):

Located on the 33rd floor of the Fraser Suites in Sukhumvit Soi 11, Above 11 is definitely “the cool place” of this soi (street) either for having an aperitif, a romantic/friendly/business dinner or a pre-drink before partying! The atmosphere is casual chic and you will mainly find expatriates people. Indeed, it is a secret address well hidden! To get there, take the BTS to Nana, get into Soi 11 and walk down the street until you have to turn. Take left and then right (just follow the road!). On your right-hand side, pass Q Bar and few meters after you’ll find the entrance of Fraser Suites. Don’t show up at the reception but keep walking in order to go behind the building. You’ll find there an elevator with this music bringing you at the top of the building.

Above Eleven offers drinks at reasonable prices (local beers and cocktails starting at 170 and 270 Bahts respectively) and delicious Nikkey food (a mix between Peruvian and Japanese cuisines). When I went there, I had the amazing Quinoto, a mix between quinoa and risotto: D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!

As well, I heard that Above Eleven offers the best man toilets in all Bangkok! Why? Just go there and you will know! But all my friends found it awesome! So just for that, it worths a visit there!

Above Eleven at Frasers Suites
Sukhumvit Soi 11 (BTS Nana)
+66 (0)2 207 9300
 Open from 6pm to 2am

1. Hi So at So Sofitel (Lumphini):

This is definitely the Best Skybar in Bangkok for me! Located on the 29th floor of the So Sofitel on Sathorn Road, it may not have a 360 degrees panorama but it really offers the most beautiful view of the city: Lumphini park on the foreground and the skycrapers of Siam and Sukhumvit on the background. Simply AMAZING! And to make this place even more special, beds are available as well for having a drink! Prices here are also reasonable: beers start at 250 Bahts and Cocktails at 350 Bahts.

Dining is available as well at the Park Society Restaurant next to the bar in a room (perfect for the rainy season!). Don’t forget to book before coming and ask for a table next to the window to enjoy the stunning view. If you feel like being romantic, there is also a small mezzanine one level-up called Hi So Cabana. It will cost you 500 Bahts to have access.

I really fell in love with this place and its view. Clients are mostly from the hotel so it is not that crowded and lounges tunes are played, I am telling you: it is perfect! Just go there, you won’t regret it!

Hi So at So Sofitel
2 Sathorn Road (MRT Lumphini)
+66 (0)2 624 0000
 Open daily from 5pm to 1 am

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