The Maeklong Train Market

The Maeklong Market is located about 60 km away from Bangkok and consists of a great day trip that can be combined on the weekend with the Ampawha floating market.

Thai people call this place Talad Rom Hoop Market that can be translated to “Market Umbrella Pulldown” because of its location: on a train rail! The train literally runs through seven times a day, seven days a week and it’s an impressive spectacle to watch.

Maeklong Train Station

Maeklong Train Station

Why is the market on a train rail?

This is the first question my friends asked me when I told them about my visit to Maeklong! And actually, it is not so easy that easy to answer! After searching on Internet, I have finally found the answer on the tinyurbankitchen website:

This market, which has been in the same location for generations, ran into a bit of a problem when city officials decided to build a railway that would run right through the market. Alas, the market decided it would stay put.
That was back in 1905. Since then (yes, for the past hundred years or so!), this market continues to thrive in its original location.

The Maeklong Train Market

The Maeklong Train Market

When can you see a train passing?

In the morning, the train passes by the market 4 times at 8.40am, 9am, 11.20am and 11.30am. In the afternoon, the train passes by the market 3-4 times at 2.30pm, 3.30pm and 5.40pm. Do note that the train schedule is subject to change so check the schedules with the train station before planning your journey to Maeklong. Indeed, when I got there, we saw the train passing at 1.45pm, therefore the locals told us it would come at 2pm!

If you have to wait for the train, you can always go visit the nearby temple: Wat Baan Laem.

Maeklong Train Market

Maeklong Train Market

How to get there?

One of the cheapest and most convenient option is to take a minivan from Victory Monument next to the Century Movie Plaza (BTS exit number 4). The cost is only 80 Bahts and it will take you approximately 1h30/2h. You can also reach Maeklong by taxi or by train!


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