The Silom Thai Cooking School

I recently had the opportunity  to try the Silom Thai Cooking School and I have to be honest… I loved it!

The Silom Thai Cooking School is located guess where? In the Silom district of Bangkok on Soi 13 Silom! The school is located a bit deep in this little soi so the Chef has thought about everything and comes to pick you up a bit before the class in front of Soi 11! Very practical!

Introduction on Thai products

Introduction on Thai products

Then starts the interesting part! I joined the 6 to 9pm class so we didn’t have the chance to go to a market with our Chef but you will do so if you go to their morning or afternoon classes that take more time. But how did they arrange that? They just brought the market to us! So the class started with a little introduction on Thai products as vegetables, rices, chilis, spices… Really interesting! I discover this awesome sugar that I have never heard about before: the palm sugar. It looks like a yellow thick and sticky paste and tastes a little bit as honey. DELICIOUS!

Palm Sugar

Palm Sugar

Then, we started our first dish: the famous Pad Thai! We got a plate with all the spices and sauces needed for this recipe, then just cut some scallions and tofu and headed to the cooktops. Noodles and shrimps were waiting for us there! We just had to put everything in a pan and then magically it was ready in 5 min and… it tasted so gooood!

Pad Thai at Silom Thai Cooking Class

Pad Thai at Silom Thai Cooking Class

During our class, we also made spring rolls, papaya salad (I loved it!), massamam chicken curry and deep-fried banana served with coconut ice cream (so delicious!). So I better to warn you that you should come before the class with an empty stomach!

I have only been disappointing on two points: first our class didn’t last 3 hours as it was mentioned and as in any cooking class that I have attended, I really think you don’t cook enough which is a shame because we had the time for it. But anyway, I still definitely recommand anyone to attend at least one class at the Silom Thai Cooking School. They offer classes everyday with different recipes, the place is cosy, the chef friendly and the food SO NICE! Plus, it will only cost you 1000 Bahts. So whatever you are living or just visiting Bangkok, you should definitely go there!

Some more information on the Silom Thai Cooking School

  • Location: Silom Soi 13 but the meeting point is in Soi 11
  • Classes: Daily from 9am to 1pm/ 1:40 to 5:30pm/6 to 9pm
  • Price: 1000 Bahts per person
  • Official website:

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