Dao De Xin Xi, a Thai elderly people practice

I had the opportunity to know about Dao De Xin Xi thanks to my colleague Kitvaris. Dao De Xin Xi was created in Bangkok in 1998. It is a modified version of Tai Chi Chaun or Tai Chi, shortened in order to make it more accessible and more easily practicable for elderly people.

Tai Chi Chaun or Tai Chi (TCC, TC) was originally developed in China and is a slow and graceful Chinese exercise that includes a form of mindfulness meditation. TCC consists of series of individual movements linked together in a continuous manner that flow smoothly from one movement to another. TCC is now used worldwide for health benefits.

Long forms of TCC, which often use at least 108 movements, is a lot more difficult for elderly people to learn than short forms which consist of 8–13 movements. Short forms of TCC are much easier to learn than the original form and are becoming better known and more popular in urban and city areas.

Kitvaris and his mother practicing Dao De Xin Xi

Kitvaris and his mother practicing Dao De Xin Xi

Thailand has developed its own form of TCC exercise, known amongst Thais as Dao De Xin Xi.

Dao De Xin Xi is a modified short form of TCC which uses 9 selected movements believed to have health benefits for 9 physiological systems in the body such as the cardiovascular system, digestive system, respiratory system etc. Dao De Xin Xi is a lot easier to perform than the original TCC; it is also softer and gentler and flows more slowly in a repetitive left to right circular manner. Deep breathing and mental concentration are also required when participating in this exercise form. In addition, each of the movement of Dao De Xin Xi is performed simultaneously with Thai versions of 9 easy-listening Chinese songs which feature of a Dao Xin melody arranged in. The meaning and theme of all 9 songs are about mercy of mankind according to philosophical aspects, mentioned to improve mental functions by meditative effects.

This practice is represented by a three circles logo. The smallest and most central one is yellow. It represents the “I” as a person, the myself. It is circled by a blue one that represents a group, the last circle is purple/pink representing the world. Thus, Dao De Xin Xi puts the person as a central element that belongs to a group that itself belongs to the world. It believes that if you take care of yourself, you will be then in good health and be able to help people in the need.

More information:

To get more information of this practice, you can visit the official website (only in Thai)http://www.daodexinxi.org

Or watch this Youtube video:

Source of this article: http://live.phuketindex.com/dao-de-xin-xi-1245.html


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