Bangkok Snake Farm

Well, I know this sounds like a terrible Bangkok tourist attraction but it’s NOT! I was actually really surprised to see as Thai as foreigners visitors and you can get there a great knowledge on snakes!

The Snake Farm in Bangkok was created in 1923 and in 1929:

His Royal Highness Prince Paribatra Sukhumbhand, as Vice President of the Red Cross Society of Siam, persuaded His three siblings – Her Royal Highness Princess Pisamai Pimolsat, Her Royal Highness Princess Sasipong Prapai and His Royal Highness Prince Burachat Chaiyakorn, to donate together with relatives and friends, raising the “Simaseng Fund” (The Four Snakes Fund) to support the operations of the Red Cross Society of Siam including the treatment of patients hurt by venomous animals and could cover the construction cost of the “Simaseng building” that was designed to keep venomous snakes, fish and insects as well as other poisonous animals for public education.

From the Snake Farm Website

What can you see there?

Do I have to mention you that of course you will see snakes?! The farm is divided into two main sections:

  • On the one outside, you will be able to see non venomous snakes as the Rat snake, the impressive Elephant trunk snake and many more by following a route (right in front of the entrance!) that will lead to you to the second section. But don’t forget as well to look at the cages around where you will see MASSIVE snakes as Pythons and a King Cobra in the square one with wire fencing (the small ones you’ll see in there are only food for the cobra!). IMPRESSIVE!
  • On the inside, you will see on the first floor again many snakes ranging from non venomous to venomous ones and on the second one, you will get many information about snakes and first cares in case of bite.

Every weekday at 11am, you get a presentation (on the auditorium located on the 1st floor of the building) on how to make antivenom. In order to not say anything wrong, here is how Wikipedia explains it:

Antivenom is a biological product used in the treatment of venomous bites or stings. Antivenom is created by milking venom from the desired snake, spider or insect. The venom is then diluted and injected into a horse, sheep or goat. The subject animal will undergo an immune response to the venom, producing antibodies against the venom’s active molecule which can then be harvested from the animal’s blood and used to treat envenomation. Internationally, antivenoms must conform to the standards of pharmacopoeia and the World Health Organization.

Thus, this Snake Farm has first an healthy purpose (it is run by the Thai Red Cross Society by the way!) and that’s what I liked here.

As well, every weekday at 2.30 pm and holidays at 11am, you get a snake show with the presentation of about 10 snakes (King Cobra including! It is IMPRESSIVE!) and you can get in the end the traditional picture with a Python.

Relevant information on the Bangkok Snake Farm

  • Entrance costs: 200 Bahts per adult and 50 Bahts per children  and you are able to exit and come in again on the same day.
  • Opening hours: From 10am to 3.30pm (Information to be checked)
  • Location: Between Rama IV and Henri Dunant Roads (next to Sala Daeng District. You can get there by MRT Sam Yan or by tuk-tuk from MBK for 50 Bahts)
  • Official website:
  • Food and Toilets are as well available there

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