What does Jai Yen mean?

Jai Yen in Thai means literally “cool heart”. It is the conceptualization of conflict-avoidance.

In Thailand, violence in all its form, physical, verbal or mental, is rejected. Thus, Thai people will always avoid conflictual situations by not placing themselves in a situation of potential violence (preventing such situations arising) or if it couldn’t be avoided by neutralizing it.

Jai Yen is the opposite of Jai Rohn, meaning “hot heart” as anger, displeasure and impatience. Thus, anyone losing his cool will lose his face, his respect.

Jai Yen is so an essential point at the heart of the Thai culture but it might not always be understand by westerner people, visiting or living in Thailand. And even if it is known and understood, it can be difficult sometimes to apply this concept especially for french people to whom open and public conflicts are perceived as a demonstration of strentgh and ensue respect (someone is strong enough to say what he thinks). This is what we call “Culture Shock”!

So welcome in Thailand!

This blog aims to give a global understanding of this amazing country and its culture through several aspects as cuisine, events, economy, places…

I hope it will help you either for travelling or living in Thailand.



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